DTE Energy Electrical Maintenance Jrymn-1st Class in Michigan

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Electrical Maintenance Jrymn-1st Class-10986

The future is bright at DTE Energy! We are the largest electric and gas utility in Michigan with an aspiration to be the best-operated energy company in North America. We are a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with businesses in 26 different states.

DTE Energy’s utility and non-utility businesses are poised for significant growth. We look forward to working with highly motivated and team-oriented individuals to energize our efforts of growing economically and environmentally.

We care for our employees and prioritize their health and safety first. Recently, DTE Energy has been recognized as an outstanding place to work and has received the following accolades:

· Gallup Great Workplace Award for 5 consecutive years

· 7th on Indeed’s annual “50 Best Places to Work” award

· Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to work For

· J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Award

· Professional Women’s Magazine/Black EOE Journal “Best of the Best”

· Computerworld’s 100 Best Places to Work in IT

· Best Employers for a Healthy Lifestyle Gold Award

· Detroit Free Press Green Leaders Award

DTE Energy is an equal opportunity employer and considers all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, national origin, citizenship, height, weight, genetic information, marital status, pregnancy, protected veteran status or any other status protected by law.




Under indirect and intermittent supervision of a supervisor, or work direction of a work leader, as a member of a crew or alone; Installs, inspects, rebuilds, modifies, tests, aligns, adjusts, repairs and maintains, in emergency situations or as scheduled work, a wide variety of electrical equipment in stations, substations, power plant mats, customer property and other Company locations. Work from blueprints, diagrams, drawings, manuals, job procedures, handbooks, iPad, and handbook articles or from verbal information supplied by engineers, technicians or factory representatives. Maintains, repairs and is exposed to AC and DC voltages up to and including transmission levels. Work on energized equipment up to 4.8 KV. Maintains and uses test equipment, hand and power tools and all equipment necessary to perform the work. Adapt to new methods, processes, material and equipment. Completes report forms for all duties performed. Trains, directs, instructs and checks work of electrical maintenance apprentices and other assigned employees. Give approvals for completed work.

  • Installs, rebuilds, modifies, inspects, tests, aligns, adjusts repairs and maintains at designated locations, electrical equipment operating at AC and DC voltages up to and including transmission levels, such as air, gas, and oil circuit breakers, power and distribution transformers, current and potential transformers, peaking units, capacitors, reactors, disconnects, ground switches, AC and DC motors and generators, control panels, relay schemes, etc.

  • Performs duties of inspecting, repairing, adjusting, testing, installing and troubleshooting and diagnosing problems on electrical equipment such as:

-- Circuit Breakers: Testing insulating parts, cleaning contacts, replacing rods and parts, adjusting and cycling electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms.

-- Disconnects: Aligning blades, checking insulators and operating mechanisms. Use conductivity tester, abrasives, hand tools and feeler gauges.

-- Power Transformers: Working on a wide variety of types and sizes including those with manual and /or automatic tap changers, water, air or oil cooled and pressurized. Tests (high pressure) the water coils, meggers insulation, cleans, resets and repairs tap changers, temperature gauges, alarms, bushings and radiators. Check fans, valves and pumps, replacing worn parts and packing when required.

-- Voltage regulators and operating mechanisms which are rated to 1000-kVA and are oil or air blast cooled. Cleans and adjusts mechanism, sets limit switches, megger tests windings, and tests water coils.

-- Network Banks: Transformers, protector mechanisms, primary switches and secondary fuse blocks.

-- Components of AC and DC buses; must properly prepare buses for hi-potential tests by checking for cracks and defective insulators, removing insulators, reinforcing buses, etc.

-- Air compressors, governors, relief valves, contractors and pressure controls, dismantling and rebuilding compressors, replacing rings, valves, bearings, filters, etc.

-- Any type of lighting or power installation, electric space or water heater, alarms, controls, annunciators, interlocks. etc.

  • READS, INTERPRETS AND WORKS from Company or vendor blueprints, diagrams, drawings, manuals, handbooks, computers, iPad, etc., or verbal information supplied by engineers, technicians or factory representatives, occasionally may be required to perform jobs for which information may be missing or in error. Interface with engineers to resolve problems. Fill out completion reports. Initiate orders for work. Report faulty or unsafe equipment to their supervisor.

--Wires or rewires panels for controls, relay, alarms, meters, etc., including those having electro-mechanical, solid state and vacuum tube components. Performs work on energized equipment (up to 4.8 kV) such as testing, connecting or disconnecting wires, insulating bus or cable connections, drilling, tapping, plasma arcing or cutting control panels, etc.

-- Operates and used the following tools and equipment:

-- Test instruments such as voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, meggers, high-potters, cycle counters, various timing devices, recorders, conductivity, oil testers, etc.

-- Electric and air operated drills, sanders, grinders, saws, electric and gas soldering irons, solder pots, torches, heaters, pipe threaders, Cadweld equipment, hydraulic presses, maintains and repairs these tools when necessary. Uses hand tools such as, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, etc., and makes special tools when necessary.

-- Operates bucket trucks, ladder trucks, maintenance vehicles, overhead cranes, man lifts, hoists, and winches.

-- Various insulating materials and forms such as: fabric, glass, fiber, micarta, varnishes and compounds in sheet, string and liquid forms. Applies tapes, strings and varnishes the insulation.

-- Safety equipment, fitting harriers and blocking devices at protective points on equipment.

-- Rigging equipment including chain falls, ropes, etc., for lifting rotors, stators, bushings, etc.

-- Speed counter to make over speed tests on protective switches on rotating electric equipment.

-- Operates, observes and checks results of a variety of precision electrical testing devices such as meters, meggers, wiggle graphs, rheostats, etc.


  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED.

  • Must have 5 years’ experience troubleshooting/repairing/constructing Substation Electrical Equipment – OR 5 years’ experience as a Substation Technician and must have completed a Company recognized Journeyperson Electrician Apprenticeship. Candidates must submit an application and proof of Journeyperson status to be considered. Journeyperson proof is in the form of either a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship from a recognized Apprentice Program. -OR-

  • Must have letters from employers which verify eight years or more hands on experience in the classification. Journeyperson letters must be on company letterhead, dated, and signed by Human Resources, list classification, dates served in the classification and what candidates did in the capacity.

  • Must obtain an evaluation of “Recommended” on the Construction Aptitude Skills Test (CAST). Exception: If you have previously taken and passed the CAST.

  • Must be able to train other personnel to perform in the lower skill levels of work.

  • Must have and maintain a valid driver's license and meet Company driving standards.

  • Must communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

  • Must be able to work shifts as assigned.

  • Satisfactory physical examination.

  • Must satisfactorily complete hands on skills demonstration qualifying exercises: climbing ladders, working aloft and working in confined spaces.

  • Must attain a storm assignment.

  • Must pass sequence exams as required (i.e.: Equipment Training, EM5-3/Substation /PPO 77, Test Equipment).

Job: Electric Distribution Operations & Maintenance

Title: Electrical Maintenance Jrymn-1st Class

Primary Location: Michigan

Requisition ID: 10986